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Transient Voltage Suppression

EMP Connectors incorporates proprietary technology, enabling us to offer much greater power handling ability than otherwise available in the industry. Many transient suppression companies express their power handling ability (in watts) using an 8 x 20 microsecond pulse waveform. At EMP Connectors, we rate our power handling ability to a 10 x 1000 microsecond pulse waveform a much more stringent standard - requiring 6 times the power handling ability of the 8 x 20 standard. EMP Connectors can provide over 1000 watts of protection per line, testing to the 10 x 1000 pulse waveform, establishing a new standard in the industry for EMP protection within a connector.

Current diode and traditional MOV technologies respond very quickly to transient voltage surges. However, the inherent inductance introduced by the two different devices after breakdown has a profound effect on the settling time of each. By comparison, the Avalanche Zener diode settles to its maximum clamping voltage after only 5 nsec. As a result, the protected line will see a much smaller amount of energy when protected by a diode as compared to an MOV.

This phenomenon may be verified by comparing the maximum clamping voltage of a diode with that of an MOV. An MOV with a breakdown voltage of 38 volts has a maximum clamping voltage of 100 volts when pulsed with a 5 amp, 8 x 20 µsec exponential decay pulse. An EMP Connectors Avalanche Zener diode with a similar rating of 39 volts has a maximum clamping voltage of 54 volts when pulsed with a 19 amp, 10 x 1000 µsec exponential decay pulse.

EMI Filtering

EMP Connectors can solve almost any electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems that may arise.  This is done by utilizing the latest technology of planar capacitor arrays housed in just about any connector package.  Filtering in the I/O connector rather than on the pcb saves room in the system for more dynamic components, and the signal going into the system is already clean.  Plus, EMP has been able to solve EMI issues in some real exotic packages.  Contact us for more information.

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